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I have a question. Do you feel ashamed of the exo fandom how some responded rudely to the ferry accident? via Anonymous


i’m not ashamed of the fandom,those ppl should be ashamed of themselves

there are always immature childish rude and disrespectful fans out there,they choose to be insensitive and stupid and let them be

i wont blame and generalize the whole fandom. the moments that im proud of this fandom are more worthy to be remembered than those individuals who bring bad rep. 

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Puppeteer: a person who manipulates an inanimate object to create the illusion of life
Puppeteer: a person who manipulates an inanimate object to create the illusion of life 

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Artist: Kris
Title: Samsung Galaxy S5. Gear Fit.


Kris endorsing Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Predebut Chen


Predebut Chen

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its not a fans fault they want their bias groups mv to come out fast -.-; via Anonymous


are you frikking kidding me anon? 

there are 200 people’s lives at stake here and all you want is a boyband’s music video for a song to come out? 

I may love EXO and so may a lot of other people, but I’m pretty sure even EXO would be disappointed if you say that to their faces. 

The titanic sunk in 1912 and it’s still fucking sad. 

Think of all the people today in korea. Think of all their families, waiting and praying for their children to be safe. 

Do you know what happened today? My mom texted me from Korea, all of a sudden, telling me she loved me. Why? Because she’s thankful I’m safe. My family has nothing to do with that ship and we’re sad. 

Almost all of Korea is sad. Everyones praying and everyones wishing for the safety of others. 

And do you know what else my mom told me? 

There are almost no people on the streets. Theyre all at home watching the news. 

People didn’t go to work because of this. People are just keeping their eyes out on the news because of this. The whole country is devastated.

And here you are

waiting for a god damn music video.  smh to you anon.


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My 2 Kim Jongs’ feat. Luhan


My 2 Kim Jongs’ feat. Luhan


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EXO - 140415 Comeback Showcase - Overdose EXO-M MV

Credit: Miso Lee. (컴백 쇼케이스)

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Artist: Lay
Title: Yes, I'm ready


Lay’s ready.

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